Ganpati festival Day 5 and 6

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As the festival goes on, more people come out and the streets and beaches are getting pretty lively. I live on a lane near a beach in local Maharathi neighborhood so the loud drums and firecrackers keep bursting well deep into the night.

Hindu devotees immerse Ganesh idols on certain days during the festival. The immersion is called Visarjan and it symbolizes that the lord Ganesh is returning to wherever he was after helping devotees remove the hardships of their life. It is an eternal cosmic law that nothing stays in the same form forever. By returning the idols to the water and dissolving them, it’s said that each year Ganesh arrives to teach us that forms change but the supreme truth remains the same. The immersion also symbolizes the concept of liberation in Hinduism – “Absolute unclinging”

The practice causes some environmental problems but I will wait to write about it until later.

I think the meaning of the festival is quite interesting and I agree with the philosophy behind.

I am looking forward to the last days of the festival which seem to be a total blast.








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