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Bahrain protest

As soon as I arrived in Bahrain last Saturday to cover the anti-monarchy protest, the situation got calmed down. Violent crackdown by police and military has stopped and the protest continues peacefully. It may drag long, possibly weeks, until they reach some kind of agreement with the government or the protesters get removed by force. […]

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Changing of people’s attitude – Cairo

Yesterday morning, the last group of about 100 people, who kept protesting at Tahrir square to demand more concrete promises from the army to make better government, seemed to be convinced and cleared out of the square. Still sporadic celebration and demonstrations are taking place but overall the square is getting back to normal. The […]

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amey mansabdar felt nice after reading.
like the photos also specially the boy sleeping on staircase.
nice images.

Kuni Takahashi thanks for your comment Amey. Hope to see you soon in Mumbai.

Julie Hannon Thanks for writing about your experience. I was dismayed to read in the Tribune about the bad attack on the female journalist- I see the mood had shifted towards all media. Keep up the good work and stay safe in each of these trips.

Mubarak stepped down

It was like a roller coaster ride in the last two day. On Thursday, president Mubarak firmly announced that he would stay in the office despite enormous expectations by people and media. It was quite disappointing night not only for many Egyptians but also foreign media like us who were waiting to witness the history. […]

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Egypt uprising

There are still lots of people protesting in Tahrir Sq in Cairo on the Day 16 of Egypt uprising demanding President Mubarak to step down. Last week’s violent crashes between the protesters and Mubarak supporters have been diminished at least visibly as well as the attacks on foreign journalists.  A few of my friends got […]

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Jen Happy Birthday Kuni!
How exciting this all is!
I just got a phone that will go on line and there you are in all your glory…so cool.
Im shoveling snow for work right now.
No complaints there’s lots of it.
Chaco is next.
Love to you and keep that third eye open.