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A new book – testimony of the tsunami

Notification – My new photobook, “‘Anohi’ no koto” (“Remembering ‘that day’”), is published today. It’s pix and testimony of the tsunami. In Japanese only for now but English and Chinese editions are considered. I would like to thank the editors for their hard work in order to publish this in time for the three month […]

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Leaving Libya

  Unfortunately my assignment is cut short and I am leaving Libya tonight. I thought about staying by myself but I don’t have enough money to keep operating without an assignment for who knows how long. More importantly, there is not much happening here. The situation has been gridlocked and it’s waiting game now until […]

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USK おつかれさまでした!次のストーリーを楽しみにしています。

Kuni Takahashi ありがとうございます。