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Afghan bowling

While I was in Kabul, Afghanistan, I visited the country’s first bowling alley with my local photographer friend who told me about the place. I was quite surprised when I first heard about this place. Afghanistan and bowling – I just couldn’t put these two things together. Despite my skepticism, the alley, named “The Strikers”, […]

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Daily life in Afghanistan

Got back to Mumbai last night after spending 3 weeks in Afghanistan. Unlike my last visit there during Ramadan in August of last year, the weather was more comfortable as the summer was just beginning. More importantly, I didn’t have to deal with hungry drivers and translators. (During Ramadan, they have to fast during the […]

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Ezakimak Hello Takahasi-san,

Thank you for your work in Afghanistan and sharing the day to day normal life that goes on there. I really enjoyed looking at this set. I especially like afg_004 with the man looking through the bars on the yellow and red wall. Most excellent.

Love your work. Stay safe.


Kuni Takahashi Thanks for the comment. We usually hear only negative things like bombing from the country but yes normal life goes on. It’s nice to see kids playing around.

Teruki こんにちは。すごーく久しぶりに、ほんと久しぶりに作品拝見しました。相変わらず素敵な作品撮ってますね。この一連の作品、好きです。

New swimming pool in Kabul

Just visited a brand new swimming pool yesterday morning in Kabul. The pool was just opened a week ago and according to the owner, it’s the largest swimming facility in Afghanistan. It has Jacuzzi, steam bath and a cafeteria and looked quite nice and clean. The youngsters there, mostly college students, seemed pretty enthusiastic about […]

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rexgarden Swimming pools are so much fun,i can’t get enough of them, especially well constructed swimming pools.I am waiting for your next post.
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Bombing in Kabul…again

Another suicide bombing occurred in Kabul early yesterday morning. This time, several insurgents targeted Green Village, a guest house compound mainly hosting westerners, reportedly killing seven, including children. More than 18 were injured. A reporter and I were supposed to fly out south with some U.S officials and we were at the U.S embassy when […]

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