A/C sales and global warming

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A little while ago, I had an opportunity to shoot for a very interesting story about global warming relating with growing air-conditioning consumption.

The NYT article is here but what the story basically saying is that although the Montreal Protocol in 1987 successfully regulated air-conditioning gases to eliminate damages to ozone layer, the new gases which replaced the old ones have been contributing to global warming over 2000 times more than does carbon dioxide. And the problem is that there are currently no available commercial ozone-friendly alternatives for air-conditioners that do not also have a strong global warming effect. Also, the conflict of interests between industrial nations and developing nations contributes the problem. The U.S and Europe are requesting that countries like China and India leapfrog current generation of coolants to prevent further warming. Those countries are of resisting since their air-conditioning sales have been up 20% a year.

Yes it’s tough issue. As a person who lives in super populated city like Mumbai, environmental concerns are always on my mind.  No matter if I like it or not, every single day I have to face mountains of garbage on the road, streams filled with shit and plastic, stinky air and constant news of newly found virus and diseases . It’s so crowded and people are literally everywhere you can think of. I am not a hard-core environmentalist at all but it really makes me worry about the future of the earth…and our life.

After all, the only solution would be that every country takes responsible steps and makes policies toward environmental improvement. Needless to say, so does each human being on the earth.  Yes it’s easy to say but challenging in reality and it needs to be done soon. We can’t afford just to waste anymore.








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