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Kashmir : Benefiting from Militancy Battles

A little while ago, I visited Doda district deep inside in the Kashmir Valley to photograph the family of a victim allegedly framed by a police officer as a militant and killed. The district was known as one of the most dangerous in the region with bloody battles between militants until a few years ago. […]

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betsy w. Hi Kuni,
Some of your pictures are so complex, interesting and often too tragic. I Hope you’re well and happy. You are always drawn to dangerous places – just stay safe. Betsy

Kuni Takahashi Betsy, Thanks for the comment.

Child Killing Mysterious Disease

Last month, I had an assignment to visit Bihar state for a story about a mysterious disease in the region. The often-fatal disease has been known since 1995 and it’s said to kill thousands every year, mostly children. What puzzles the doctors and researchers is that although the disease’s symptoms are very similar to Japanese […]

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