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Heroin Addicts in Back Alleys

A few days ago, I noticed reports about the alleged seizure of more than 100kg of heroin from a truck crossing the border from the Pakistani side of Kashmir. According to Indian police, they found 114 packets of heroin hidden in a cargo of almonds and it was largest seizure of drugs since the opening […]

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Nairobi’s Traffic Mess

A little while ago, I was in Nairobi, Kenya to shoot traffic safety issues. At first, I didn’t feel that the traffic situation in Nairobi was as bad as what I’d seen in big Indian cities like “lawless” Mumbai or Delhi. But an incident in one evening changed my perception. I was in a car […]

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Munene Gachuru Dear Kuni

I beg to disagree with the bribe comments. I have never seen it or heard about anyone who paid a bribe at the roundabouts to be allowed to move. I know the stretch you are referring to. It is notoriously busy and the two down the road because of many cars entering and leaving town. I avoid it at all cost. I am not defending the Kenyan officers; some have been notorious for soliciting for bribes but not to give ways to cars at these interchanges. Munene

Kuni Takahashi Hi Munene, Thanks for your comment. You are probably right since you are native and know more about the situation correctly. Anyway, the traffic was terrible there and police officers didn’t seem to be helping it at all. It almost seems that they were making situation worse by directing traffic unreasonably.