The Spread of ISIS threat

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Recruitment of radical militant Islamic group, ISIS, has been spreading out all over the world. In Japan last month, a university student was investigated as he tried to travel to Syria to join ISIS. It’s said that thousands have already joined the ISIS from outside, including western countries, to fight.

India, which is home to over 180 million Muslims, is not an exception. I began noticing news reports several months ago about young Indian men fighting in Iraq or Syria with ISIS.

A little while ago, I visited Kalyan, a town on the outskirts of Mumbai with population of 1.2 million, which is the hometown of four of these youths who ran away to join ISIS. It was confirmed by their phone calls to the family in July that they were in fact fighting in Iraq.

“Why are you taking pictures? “,“Delete the images!” Because of lots of negative coverage already done by the local media, people in the town were not particularly friendly to me and many questions were thrown at to me while taking pictures on the street.

Typically, it’s assumed that uneducated youth from poor families get brainwashed into joining radical Islamic groups. But the four men from Kalyan were from middle-class and well-educated and included an engineer and the son of a doctor.

The grand ambition of the ISIS, which is to create a new Islamic caliphate across the Middle East, may be a big attraction to naïve young Muslims regardless of their education or social class.

In September, there was a report about two Indian Muslims who were working as ISIS recruiters on the Afghan-Pakistan border and somewhere in the Gulf states. It was revealed after testimonies by eight men who were detained as they were leaving Kolkata and Jaipur to join the group. It’s said that both recruiters used Facebook and Twitter to approach the youths.

The Indian government has been on high alert but it’s not an easy task to block the influence of growing international Islamic militancy in this borderless world connected through the internet. Unfortunately, we may have to see more waves of young people get manipulated and end up being on the desert with a gun.










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