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Goodbye to Mumbai’s Iconic Taxi

Mumbai’s iconic Padmini taxis will be gone from the road soon.

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Keisuke Togawa 高橋さんのリアルなお仕事からメッセージが届きました。




Kuni Takahashi 僕が自由かどうかはわかりませんが、写真に関しての興味深い感想ありがとうございます。やはり細かい所までじっと見て、思考を巡らせることが出来るのは写真や絵画ならではですね。蛇足ですがコメントなんてみな主観ですよ。

Keisuke Togawa 高橋さんは真実を伝えるフォトジャーナリストとして、自由人であってほしい……。

Lajos Woot, I will cerlniaty put this to good use!

Tragedy of Illegal Settlement – Delhi, India

“A bulldozer came and crashed all the houses here. They even destroyed the public toilet. Nothing was left” Ram Ratan, who has been living in this community for about 30 years, told me helplessly. About 50 houses in the block known as Sonia Gandhi Nagar were demolished in one morning in mid-April. It was one […]

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Drought in The World’s Wettest Place – Cherrapunjee

I had the chance to visit one of the world’s “wettest places” in India’s northeast region. Cherrapunjee, surrounded by mountains in Meghalaya state and located on the path of the monsoon from the Bay of Bengal, set a world record for rainfall in a year in 1861 with 22,987mm. This place has an average rainfall […]

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Chaotic Kumbh Mela

A few weeks ago, I covered Kumbh Mela in the northern Indian city of Allahabad. It’s the biggest Hindu gathering in the world and nearly 100 million devotees visit the Ganga River over a month and half. They believe that bathing in the holy river cleanses them of their sins and brings blessings. The belief […]

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Gelay Amdo I was lucky to bump into your name and profile.
Your Kumgh Mela project is wonderful. Enjoyed every bit of shots.
Thanks for sharing.

Sebastiao Evyerone would benefit from reading this post

A/C sales and global warming

A little while ago, I had an opportunity to shoot for a very interesting story about global warming relating with growing air-conditioning consumption. The NYT article is here but what the story basically saying is that although the Montreal Protocol in 1987 successfully regulated air-conditioning gases to eliminate damages to ozone layer, the new gases […]

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